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Virtual World® Review of: Digimon Battle

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Name: Digimon Battle
Intended For: 14+
Reviewed On: 2011-04-25
Website: Click Here to Visit Site
Digimon is a popular anime series that was developed after the huge success of Pokemon. While both franchises focused around young kids raising monsters like pets, they had very much different setting. In this fantastic digital world the players are allowed to interact with Digimon and other Digimon tamers. Digimon Battle features a turn based combat system which perfectly matches the genre. But one drawback is the graphics quality of the game which has been sacrificed in to make the game for ease of play.
As a beginner you will have to start the journey in the %u201CReal World%u201D that comprises 15 different zones. Up to level 15 all monsters will be found all the way through the %u2018Real World%u2019 but powerful opponents must be encountered in the %u2018Digital World%u2019 which consists of 20 zones along with an additional 6 under development. A tutorial dialogue box will appear and guide players until level 11. Digimon Battle is pretty simple game so most players don%u2019t face any difficulty figuring things out. One of the more exciting features in the game is the Card system. Players can prepare various cards and apply them in combat rather than using their normal attack or skill. The first card type players come upon is a plain attack card but types for instance healing cards can be set up also.
The intricacy in Digimon Battle is undeniably on the easy side. Since this game is specially tailored for kids, so it is quite obvious to make it simple.

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