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Virtual World® Review of: 3DSex

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Name: 3DSex
Genre: Real-Life
Intended For: 18+
Price: Free
Reviewed On: 2012-05-15
Website: Click Here to Visit Site
3DSex is a high-resolution, free downloadable virtual world made only for adults. 3DSex just released the world spring 2012, so all members of 3DSex are open and willing to create a new virtual group of friends in the heart of 3DSex's ever-changing virtual world.

The realistic virtual environment is setup as tropical-style atmosphere where you can explore the many beaches, clubs, bars and shops. 3DSex's Virtual World consists of 4 resorts: Main Resort, Gay Resort, Fetish Resort and the Swingers Resort. Each area is set up to suit each player's needs, depending on if you want to act out a fetish, try something new or just want to enjoy the company of others!

3DSex is intended for adult users over the age of 18. Their high-graphic sensual content allows you to get an actual feel of being there right with your partner(s). The virtual world has many options to fulfill your inner-sensual desires, but they also offer many other perks such as user-generated personal items! You can create your own Virtual Spot (3DSex's private apartments), fully-customizable avatars and your own personal line of clothing. 3DSex's clothing is available for all users, located on the website, most items are free but you can also purchase clothing with Clams (3Dsex's virtual currency).

The virtual world is designed simple enough for users with no gaming experience, but for the computer-illiterate there is a fully functional support center packed full with Support Tools and gaming tutorials to guide you around the world. If the support tools don't satisfy your needs, 3DSex's employees pride themselves on their hands on way of helping users, there are many Support, Tech and Volunteer Staff located in the Virtual World ready to show you around or help you step by step.

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