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Virtual World® Review of: 3D Chat

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Name: 3D Chat
Genre: MMO Real World
Intended For: 18+
Price: FREE, $7.95/mo Premium
Reviewed On: 2011-03-16
Website: Click Here to Visit Site
3Dchat is an exciting social networking game that has been set on a highly customizable and interactive milieu. The game provides you the facility to keep yourself busy in the virtual 3D world that has very close resemblance to the real world around you. The game has been created for the adult audience only. Now let us demonstrate being an user what you can actually find on this amazing world of 3Dchat.

3Dchat offers a beautiful Private beach resort where you can relax, go for a dip in the alluring swimming pool and also have fun at the private beach resort. There is a Custom 90 foot yacht, where the players along with their virtual acquaintances are allowed to go for a cruise on the yacht and have party. Apart from these there are custom large penthouse, dance club and bar, a huge resort style lagoon pool and spa, a personal movie theater where you can chill and keep yourself entertained all the time. The customization system in the game is simply brilliant. It is not much complicated.

After entering to the new account for the first time, the player will be directed to his avatar appearance screen. The player can customize his or her looks according to his/her individual preference with the help of General templates and Advanced detailed customization options.

The game becomes more attractive since the players can control every action they want to perform in the 3Dchat world. Choosing different actions are very simple. The player needs to select the target he wants to carry out the action with and then left-click on the preferred action icon.

In 3Dchat you can enjoy playing KIX dance arcade game, if you love to groove with the music. In this multi-player dancing game players need to follow the beat and then press keys at the right time. The more precise you are, the more points you gain.

On the whole 3Dchat is a virtual world of gaming that combines social network together with IM chat client to create a perfect interactive environment. So create your account and download the game without any cost.


Broadband Internet access
Windows XP, Vista or 7
1.5 GB HD space
2.5 GHz x86 CPU or better
nVidia GeForce 7000 or better OR
ATI Radeon X1300 or better


Broadband Internet access
Windows XP, Vista or 7
4 GB HD space
3 GHz x86 CPU or better
nVidia GeForce 8000 series or better OR
ATI Radeon X1700, X1800 or better

Update 12.2.2011: The 3Dchat member count has just passed 150,000 users. Way to go 3Dchat.

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